Janie Meston


Australia (VIC)


Before we can discuss the benefits let us just do a quick and effortless overview of what the word ERP actually stands for. It's short for Enterprise Resource Planning applications. Simple term but a potent piece of software that may give you some critical benefits. While we won't be going into all of the advantages and there are lots of them we could spotlight a few. Let us start with two that not just go hand in hand but are critical for any enterprise.

Security And Productivity Go Together

Using an integrated ERP will reveal to you an improved level of security. This is achieved through a built in firewalls as well as pre-planned and implemented resources. This brings about consistency company wide making it your data safe and protected. ERP applications will even have redundancy when using automated procedures. This will permit users to devote their time working on important projects. Productivity and security lead to the next vital capabilities.

Scalability Is Simpler and Cost Savings Are Seen Instantly

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As soon as you've implemented ERP applications into your network your scalability will grow when your company is ready to grow. You already have the scalability built into the applications that you don't have to do anything later on. You simply add users and functions as you need them. This ease of use is what makes the scalability a key element of an integrated ERP solution. You can probably already see how cost savings are a natural byproduct of this integrated software. Instead of having to gather information from different departments that use different software you are rather using one source to get all of your updated and accurate information that reduces operation costs and administration overhead. This is automatic built-in within the network and its enterprise wide so the benefits are observed immediately. I.e.