Contrast International Coaching, is a company dedicated to the development of human and organizational talent, based on techniques developed from the study of Neuro Science and the disciplines of Coaching and Neurolinguistic programming.

We research and develop work models and programs (C3-> R) that allow us to create effective programs and interventions for our clients.

We are a network of highly qualified professionals and coaches with a presence in several countries that believe in the potential of the human being.


We support the development of people and organizations to achieve their purposes.


To become a world reference for the application of Neuro-Science, in the application of Coaching Techniques, management techniques and our own tools, to support our clients in all areas.


  • Freedom, to choose and achieve the purposes.
  • Commitment to our clients and members to give our greatest and best effort in achieving their objectives.
  • Integrity, in the exercise of our work.
  • Innovation to challenge our limits.
  • I work as a team so that members of our organization have my work.


  • Carlos Mila de La Roca
  • Leonardo Ramses Gonzalez Deutsch